As a webmaster you may already know such a SEO Contest is usually or you really came across a variety of them or even took part in in. Some in the major SEO contests organized are definitely the v7ndotcom elursrebmem (by v7n. com), Ambachdotcom, Carcasherdotcom, plus more recently the Cpayscom2 Online Casino the location where the winner gets $10, 000 for ranking number 1 on MSN. Now the substantial question is gemstone good or bad to set up SEO Contests.

Lets get started with the organizer in the SEO Contest. For any website organizing the others, it is surely the good thing in terms of marketing as being the SEO contest will take thousands of one-way links in much shorter time that this would take when link building has been done normally, that’s, directory submissions, article submissions or anything else. On the poor side, the website might mostly get a ton of unrelated links as most of the website participating don’t know much regarding the main theme with contest, lets say your website organizing the competition is related to acne and the vast majority of participating website are dealing with SEO, these are non related links they are going to get.

Lets now arrived at the participant. For him playing a SEO contest can perform only good since definitely try his far better rank for a keyword that’s 0 competitions. So in short-term it is a good method to test his SEO skills and as well learning new solutions and improve themself.

When organizing some sort of SEO contest certain the whole webmaster world is aware of it, and thousands with webmasters will play the competition giving you millions of pages created very quickly. Do search sites see this since spamming? Nobody knows But I think that after having a competition the participating websites ought to be deleted since several will not end up of any value on the net. For example a web site talking about SEARCH ENGINE RANKING OPTIMIZATION to rank for any keyword acne related stuffs is utterly useless dont you feel?

To sum in place, SEO Contests are both bad and the good. But I think it’s going to smart to remove participating websites online once the contest is passed. Many people would possibly not share the exact same view but much more also take into account the average internet users as nobody online are internet marketers.