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Get to Know the Preparations for Cold Brew Coffee Nobody will argue that coffee is one of the very famous drinks that is invigorating in the morning, noon, evening and even any time of the day. Many various types of coffee are formulated today to maximize the patronage of coffee drinkers, and lately, there is a new type of coffee that has come out called the cold brew coffee. You would see this kind of coffee being sold in coffee shops, in the grocery stores, farmer’s market and other congested customer areas. There is a difference between the regular iced coffee and the new cold brew coffee. The usual way of coffee preparation is by putting it through a hot-drip machine or through an espresso machine. In a cold brew coffee, it is a slow brew that will take 12-24 hours thus it never heats up the grounds. Espresso is consequently more bitter than hot-drip coffee which is being done faster and with hot water, and this is because coffee beans contain acids that can only be released by heat. On the other hand, cold brewing will stabilize the taste of coffee thus making it tastes delicious and fresh lasting for a period of time after brewing. Note that cold brew coffee has 2/3 less acid compared to hot-drip coffee. It is for this reason that consumers appreciate the less bitter taste of the cold brew coffee. Because there is less bitterness in this type of coffee, the consumer can taste the actual coffee bean flavour instead of the acidity alone.
Understanding Coffee
For people who are generally not coffee drinker, they will find cold brew coffee more palatable because of the lesser presence of bitterness in the coffee. The lack of bitterness and the natural hint of sweetness of cold brew coffee will minimize your putting of sugar in your coffee unlike in the regular coffee. Others do not experience stomach trouble because of the low content of acidity in the cold brew coffee.
Figuring Out Coffee
Another reason why consumers like cold brew coffee is because of convenience, meaning, you can buy pre-brewed concentrate in many groceries. In the morning, you do not have to brew anything if you have this ready pack because it is ready to go, even when you are travelling or even at the office. You may have noticed it that during summer days, your morning or afternoon coffee may seem to make you hotter. This time will then be great for an iced cold coffee. It is not expensive and complicated to prepare the materials for cold brew coffee. The coffee grounds of course is the most important ingredient for your cold coffee brew that you can get from your favourite brand. To make your cold brew coffee, you need two large non-reactive bowls, a strainer, a coffee filter, plastic wrap and plenty of water.