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What is Royalty Free Music? In a world where many people are becoming innovators day by day, establishing a unique intellectual property is very difficult. Intellectual properties should therefore be protected so that they can only benefit innovators. Having understood this, many countries protect intellectual properties of innovators. Using royalties to reward only owners of rights to such innovators is one of the ways that governments use. The music industry is arguably the largest industry that uses royalties. This can be linked to the fact that music is something that is consumed by the public. It is therefore very prone to duplication and having people benefiting from songs that they did not compose. This vice is curbed by ensuring that music copyright societies are in place to enable musicians get full financial benefits for their songs. It is however good to note that there is royalty free music. One would then ask what is royalty free music? The general understanding of the term does not give the clear meaning. One should not confuse the term to refer to free music. The term just stands for music that has a license which allows one to pay for it once and have free full access to the music for as long as they want. To understand it better, one can use a song that is royalty free for various purposes having paid for it once.
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A song that has been bought royalty free can be used for advertisement purposes. The use of royalty free music in movies is yet another example of how it can be used without being subjected to further payments. Music not under a royalty free license can however not be used in this manner. One must pay for this songs any time they use them for other purposes.
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Movie makers for instance need to establish if a song that they wish to feature in the movie is royalty free or has a fixed royalty. For a royalty free song, it will be paid for once and can then be used in the movie and any other subsequent movies. It is good to note that royalty free music has a quite expensive license. The expense is pegged on the fact that it is a one off payment that guarantees full access to using the song for a diverse range of purposes. Songs that do have fixed royalties are not expensive since you will still need to pay for it for any other use. Royalty free music can be played in public places having been paid for once. This does not infringe on copyright issues as well if the song was bought legally in the first place.