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Things you Should Know before Dutch Oven Cooking. a dutch oven cooker can be used to cook chili, rice and chicken among others. Anything you cook in your oven or crock pot, you can as well cook in a dutch oven. What you should know is that experience is the best teacher and so you should do adequate practices in the dutch oven cooking. Most people who use the dutch oven to cook prefer to do it using charcoal bricks. The reason most people prefer to use coal cakes in dutch ovens is because the temperature is easily regulatable here. Most of the dutch cooking also uses real wood coals. You can still afford good meals if you have knowledge of temperature regulations. You should first season and clean your dutch oven before you start cooking meals in it. It is always wise to start preparing something simple. You should ask for the kind of meals that will allow a seasoning layer to build on your dutch cooker device. You must have some awareness of temperature regulation before you start cooking with the dutch oven. There are various foods that you can choose to kick start the dutch oven cooking. One is when you deep-fry doughnuts or fish. The guide to this cooking is given below. Ensure you put enough cooking oil so as to read two inches deep. You can place the oil on heated coal. By dropping some tiny piece of either the fish or the doughnut, you will tell if the oil is ready. If it fizzles, it is hot enough. After you have tested the oil hot, immerse your fish or doughnut inside and let it fry until golden brown just as chips do. To remove your deep-fried food; make sure you have a slotted metal scoop or a stick.
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Just as fish or doughnut require about three hundred and fifty degrees to prepare in the dutch oven so are other meals like bacon, chicken or biscuits. Foods like bacon or doughnuts are first used to cook in the dutch oven for they help in the building up of flavoring coat. After you are done with your cooking, allow the oven to cool at temperatures that your hands can feel without burning. Before you get the remaining oil, it is advised that you get the bits of food that are stuck.
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nonetheless there are foods that you should practice caution when cooking. Beans, tomato-based sauces, and any acidic food are hard on the seasoning layer. After you successfully achieve a solid and resilient film, then you can start cooking the acid-based foods after which you are supposed to do cleaning immediately you are done cooking.