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The Main Reason why Some Writing Rules are Made to be Broken

It is almost a given that people are being taught of language and literature and if there is one thing that language teachers want to prioritize and tell you about, it is how writing rules should be followed. So in a sense, it is important that these teachers see these as the Holy Grail in the world of language and literature.

Having to follow these things is one way for you to ensure that you will come up with the right creative writing, one that is as per the right standards and specifics. So if you want to make sure that you will come up or produce a quality creative writing that is as per the right standards, then to make sure that you will have to follow such rules will be appropriate and needed.

No matter the case, to consider following these things is as important as making sure that you are on the right place. Looking into the very specifics below will help you understanding why it is appropriate not to follow such rules.

When it comes to writing rules, there will be a whole lot of these that you could choose to ignore, given the fact that this is made to significantly boost the overall purpose of the article. It basically is not necessary for one to consider ignoring such rules but it really is appropriate for one to show, rather than tell.

In a sense, you will see that these things are what writers will want to achieve but in a different angle, to follow such blindly is most likely to lead to a useless meaning as a whole. But as long as you balance everything, then you will see that the purpose of which is achieved.

Another rule that you should follow is that you should opt to refrain from using a passive voice. While this holds true in most cases, there are instances where this is just not necessary, especially when this is needed to portray and better picture who is doing the action and why they are doing it. So technically speaking, even if the use of a passive voice should be avoided, if it is necessary in the situation, then don’t refrain from doing so.

Do not forget that you should also write and limit the words and content you say around what you know and not risking going out of the limit.