Creating Opportunities by Networking Online

Online networking sites, such as LinkedIn and, are growing in popularity because they provide a wide variety of ways to create opportunities. New business owners can seek out the advice of established owners, find a mentor, or share triumphs and challenges with other new business owners. Consultants can promote their business, discover new leads for customers, or get ideas for advertising from other consultants. Photographers can upload examples of their work on their pages, learn about exhibitions, and share experiences. Opportunities can be manifested in job or contract leads, connections with potential business partners, or attracting the attention of investors. New ideas, business trends, and learning about gaps in a particular market also present opportunities.

Individuals, businesses of all sizes, and organizations can create a profile, provide contact information, and view profiles at no cost. Networking sites are a simple way to promote talents, ideas, products, services, and interests to a global community. A writer in Connecticut can contribute an article to a magazine or website in Germany without spending any money, or even leaving the house. A large corporation in China can hire a custom software developer located in France. An inventor can help a volunteer half way around the world solve problems regarding well water. The inter-connectivity of networking sights breaks down barriers of time, money, language, distance, and resources.

It is even possible to link networks with each other. Professionals can import contacts from other sites when they create a profile to an additional site. That provides the opportunity to showcase experience and talent to more people. Users can personalize their pages to reflect their style, business, or preferences. They can include a resume, contact information, a description of what opportunities they desire, and extend invitations for messages or conversations. Professionals no longer have to wait until the perfect job happens to come along. They can seek the perfect job, find it wherever it is located, and promote themselves for consideration. They can also find like-minded professionals to work on new projects, collaborate on new products, or work as a team to solve problems in any field. Being proactive opens doors for the future and establishes connections to increase opportunities.