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Things You Should Know About Gourmet Meats There are so many options for gourmet meats that you will be able to find out there. You may find online stores are selling gourmet meats in your locality. You will be able to find the gourmet bacon that is cured pork cut from the belly’s fatty sides and this is made by the artisan crafters through the use of the natural ingredients as well as techniques. Actually, the bacon is salted first and this is cured and dried with or without the wood smoke. The gourmet meat may have high fat content but much of this would melt off on the cooking process. You can slice the bacon thinly or thickly or you can do so in a block which is known as a slab bacon. Such is then flavored with spices, mesquite, maple or apple. Another gourmet meat that you like is the gourmet ham. This is a cut of pork coming from the pig’s leg. The ham would be cooked first or cured and this can be smoked in order to have additional flavor. To add rich flavor to the meat, the gourmet cooked ham is smoked using maple woods or hickory. The preparation of the hams are bone-in, partially-boned or boneless. Also, there is the gourmet turkey which is a traditional main course for the Thanksgiving feast. The turkeys are big birds and they are really great all through the year. They are also flavorful and come with low carbohydrates and high protein. There are organic gourmet turkeys which are raised in such a natural environment and they are fed with vegetarian diet of those organic grains.
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One the other hand, there is the gourmet chicken. You must know that chicken is raised commonly for the meat and eggs. This is the most widespread domesticated bird. You must know that chicken meat is being used in various regions and this may be used in many types of meals like side dishes, salads and appetizers. There are many cuts which you can find like the organic chicken drumsticks which are antibiotic and hormone free and they are being raised with organic soy beans and also corn.
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You have to know also regarding the gourmet duck. Know that duck meat is obtained from the breast and leg of the duck. Such duck leg meat appears darker and has more fats as compared to the breast meat. You may not be familiar with the Foie Gras which is a fattened liver of the goose or the duck. There are many of those who like the gourmet beef. There are also many cuts of beef and they come with a variety of textures and flavors. The most tender cut is called the tenderloin. The gourmet beef is loved for being flavorful.