3 Lessons Learned: News

Some News about Kuwait We will specify news and information about Kuwait between 1983 to 1990, and also give information on what to expect today. Kuwait as you know is an Islamic country and so they observed Friday as a rest day in the State of Kuwait. People gathered in a particular place where specific nationality would always go. Each nationality chose a place to gather with their families, friends, relatives, boyfriends and girlfriends of the same nationality. This was the place where they will meet, eat, chat and had fun that was allowed by Islamic laws. Jewelries were worn by most women, such as necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches, and other gold and diamond ornaments. Imagine them wearing jewelries made of solid and heavy gold aside from wearing them one on top of the other at the same time. There are many gold shops or gold souk around almost everywhere. Actually, you can find more gold souk or gold shops than you can find eating places. Since gold souk or gold shops were everywhere in Kuwait, it is a fashion to wear gold and everyone wore jewelries. Kuwait then was a safe place before the war. Kuwait’s safe place and happy life came to an end when Saddam Hussain invaded it by surprise. In August 2, 1990, the sad event happened in the early morning. It was in the morning when residents were preparing to go to their work areas when the news was shown on television sets. Soldiers can be seen at the borders of Kuwait, shooting at each other. Along the main road, there were hundreds of water tanks passing, and along with it are thousands of Iraqui soldiers. With all that was happening, expatriates tried to live as normal as they can. Nationalities like British, Americans and other European nationals left the country via Saudi Arabia and other possible routes when they hear the news. For others who did not hear the news sooner, were not able to leave the country. Soldiers would go into hotel in Kuwait and guest lists were asked to see who were staying there. Operation of businesses were done as normal as possible, while the employees were paid in Iraqi dinars for their services. It is only natural for those planning to stay a longer time in Kuwait, to gather basic information about this Arab state. In particular of interest that they would like to know would be the cost of living in Kuwait. Housing costs would be the information that you would gather if you are moving to Kuwait. Note that Kuwait housing costs or in the Arab state is not only competitive but also the least expensive in the region. The monthly rate for example would cost you no more than 100 kuwaiti dinars, on the other hand, for the most luxurious places to live, the monthly cost would not go beyond 650 kuwaiti dinars.A 10-Point Plan for Resources (Without Being Overwhelmed)

A 10-Point Plan for Resources (Without Being Overwhelmed)